High School, Sunsets, and Birthday Cake!

Switchboard Party-Scott_Larsen-20150326_SRL1962.jpg

March was a big month for us at Switchboard. We celebrated the first birthdays of four of our favorite Switchboards and we moved into our new office in the newly renovated Washington High Building! In short, it was the perfect time to throw a party.

Last week, friends flooded through the open doors of the renovated high school to celebrate with us. We introduced ourselves with asks and offers, enjoyed the sunset from our unbelievable roof deck and ate cake, lots of cake. We wrote each other love notes and got silly in the photo booth. It was, hands down, an awesome night and we didn’t have to give anyone detention!


 Willamette, PSU, Wheelwomen, and PDX Startups Switchboards were important milestones for us when we launched them a year ago. Our first new institutional customers after Reed and the beginning of the Start a Switchboard program, these four set the standard for the Switchboards that followed. Over the last year their members have posted thousands and asks and offers and found countless successes. Every day is an outpouring of generosity and enthusiasm that fills us with hope.



But we can’t celebrate a thriving Switchboard without celebrating it’s founder. These superhuman community builders have worked hard to set a precedent of generosity, spread the word, and make priceless connections. Switchboard’s milestones (yep, even moving into a new office) were possible because your successes are our successes. It’s truly an honor to be building a more generous internet with all of you. We’re looking forward to having you back soon!