The Missing Middle: Advancement and Alumni Relations's Ongoing Generational Deficit

The Missing Middle: Advancement and Alumni Relations's Ongoing Generational Deficit

Advancement and alumni relations had a formula for engaging alumni that worked for decades. But young alumni these days are breaking that mold.

Their giving rates are lower. They attend fewer events. They give for different reasons, care about different causes, face different economic challenges, and have different perceptions of higher education and its worth than their older counterparts.

Yet for all our self awareness and new strategies, we're still only scratching the surface when it comes to solving the problems underlying the young alumni engagement deficit. The problem lies in how we define "engagement" in the first place.

Whitepaper: Redefining Engagement

We use the word engagement so often that it's lost useful meaning.

This whitepaper, a collection of our smartest writing, aims to change that. At Switchboard, we believe that advancement, alumni relations, and career services work best when they work together. A revised understanding of engagement will help us create more cross-departmental collaboration.

Redefining Engagement

How the Black Box of "Mentoring" Tricks Us Into Implementing Failing Strategies

Mentoring programs for students and young alumni are increasingly popular in the higher education community, but they're not turning out to be all that we hope they are. Mentoring programs promise to tap into the inactive parts of our alumni networks to help students and young alumni advance their careers and engage older alumni at the same time. This promise isn't being realized.

Andrew Shaindlin Joins Switchboard as Vice President

We’re delighted to announce that on October 1, Andrew Shaindlin will join Switchboard as Vice President. Switchboard is an award-winning engagement platform based in Portland, Oregon that works with with leading colleges, universities, and independent schools across the world. Andy makes this transition building on his role as advisor to Switchboard for the last four years.

Designing for Outcomes: Announcing Goals

Designing for Outcomes: Announcing Goals

I’m proud to announce our newest feature: goals. With goals, Switchboard is now the only engagement platform that helps institutions set and track engagement goals across teams. This feature has been five years in the making. I want to share why it is one of the most important and industry-changing benefits we offer and why, after hundreds conversations with industry leaders, we’ve discovered it is mission critical for any institution making strategic investments in community engagement.