For Organizations

Switchboard strengthens ties to your organization by connecting your community members with each other to ask for help and share opportunities.

For Organizations


Create a culture of generosity and cultivate future donors.


Give your community members an easy way to get and remain involved.


Remain relevant and build affinity with your community outside of usual points of contact.


Cut through the noise with a tool your community actually wants to use.

Switchboard activates the latent generosity of your community.


Unify your community

Your community members love your organization, but they don't have an easy way to connect with each other. 

Switchboard gives them a place to make connections and ask for and share advice and opportunities.

They already share a common sense of purpose. All they need is a way to exercise it.


Meet the needs of community members

You probably already help members of your community find what they need—here and there.

Switchboard makes it efficient to offer that service to everyone by helping them help each other.

Every answer they find  is another reason for them to love the organization.


Trace every interaction and success

Human interactions are messy, and most platforms do a lackluster job of keeping you informed.

Switchboard tracks every comment, message, and click so you know who is connecting with whom and why.

Stay in the loop without having to make every introduction yourself.


Track your progress and return on investment

We recognize that Switchboard is an investment you want to pay off.

That's why we give you an in-depth analytics dashboard with easy data export and automatically generated weekly progress reports.

Switchboard is worth it—but you don't have to take it from us. Just take a look at the numbers.


Stay in sync with your existing database

Switchboard makes it easy to export user information to and import and sync unique user IDs from your existing databases.

Want to record someone's Switchboard activity in your current database? You can do that too.


I absolutely love Switchboard's usability, especially for our organization. The layout is incredibly straightforward and easy to use. Switchboard has definitely helped our producer community grow and connect with each other.


Chris Lawn
Media Services Technical Lead
Open Signal


Stay at the Center of Your Community

Your community members love your organization, but they don't have an easy way to stay connected to the community. Switchboard brings that community together and makes your organization an important part of their everyday lives. Every connection Switchboard makes strengthens their bonds to each other and your organization.


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