Code for America Profiles Switchboard and Portland's Early Adopter Program

City governments have to solve complicated problems every day, and they don't always know where to turn to find solutions.

Portland's Early Adopter Program aims to connect city officials with individuals and businesses in the local tech community to surmount those obstacles. Code for America recently profiled the city's launch of the Portland Switchboard as part of the Early Adopter Program:

“Switchboard is not only our technical platform, it is also a wonderful example of the power of tech and business to improve local government,” said Vidya Spandana, Strategic Advisor to Portland Development Commission.

We're excited to be working with the PDC to build private-public partnerships. "The City of Portland is modeling a new way to do business," our Co-founder and CEO Mara Zepeda says. "Portland’s Switchboard is meeting space where bureaus and vendors can problem solve and make the procurement process more efficient."

Want to know more? Read Code for America's full story, visit the Portland Switchboard, or see whether Switchboard is right for your community.