For Career Services

Switchboard helps students and alumni unlock the full power of their alma mater's network, creating more opportunity without burdening your team.

For Career Services


Track every aspect of user activity, from hires to casual conversations


Generate reports for you and your team automatically


Serve students and alumni at scale with less staff time by activating their network


Reinforce your alumni recruiting list by surfacing warm leads

We help teams expand their reach to get real results for students and alumni.

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Deliver services at scale

Students, alumni, and their families expect more of their career services office each year.

Switchboard helps you keep up with increasing demands on your team by activating your alumni network.

Students and alumni use Switchboard to connect, exchange opportunities, and find what they need. And you get the credit.


Generate successful career outcomes

Your team might invest hundreds of hours building relationships with individual companies, only to generate a few hires each year.

Switchboard makes it possible to foster relationships between thousands of alumni and students and boost alumni hiring without further burdening your team. 

switchboard career services

Keep your finger on the pulse of your community

Your community's interests and industries aren't what they were a few decades ago, and they're shifting faster every year.

Switchboard learns over time what your students and alumni care most about so that you can tailor your efforts and programming accordingly.


Reinforce your alumni recruiting list

Alumni are good at hiding from their alma mater. Switchboard inspires even the most disengaged alumni by making it easy for them to help and connect with students.

Export Switchboard member data and bolster your recruiting lists and networking events with the click of a button.

switchboard career services

Track every interaction and success story

Professional networking is nebulous and hard to track. But Switchboard keeps tabs on all member activity to help you find the source of every hire and the identity of every active alumni mentor.

Our interactions director ensures you'll never have to make a guess in your reports again.


When we ask students to network, they need some training. But when they have a specific ask on Switchboard, it creates a more meaningful connection, and they don’t even realize that’s networking. Students find opportunities that they may not have been able to find from other resources.


Alice Harra
‎Associate Dean of Students
Reed College


Unite Disparate Networks

Your alumni network is thousands strong—but it's also broken into thousands of pieces. Switchboard collects those pieces all into one place and makes your network accessible to students and alumni whenever they need it.

Help your students and alumni succeed at scale by empowering them to help each other—without your having to spend valuable staff time holding their hand.



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