Switchboard offers powerful software and strategy based on a simple idea: forward-thinking campuses facilitate success by connecting their community.


We make it simple for students, alumni, and your broader community to connect. They ASK for they help they need or make an OFFER they help they wish to give.


We track the outcomes of these connections and automatically share powerful data and qualitative success stories.


Save time and effort by meeting the needs of your community online, and measure ROI for both your community and your institution.


We coach you every step of the way to help you optimize your engagement and maximize ROI.

Alumni engagement platform

Get their attention

Alumni post on Switchboard to exchange jobs, connections, and advice with fellow alumni.

Students use Switchboard to build their network and connect with alumni before they graduate.

You use Switchboard to reach current and future donors.

Their network is an underused asset. We can change that.


Help them succeed

Students and alumni find opportunities on Switchboard every day. Help them build lasting, lucrative connections with their alma mater's network.

Every connection builds institutional loyalty and helps students and alumni succeed.

Alumni networking platform
Alumni platform

Keep alumni engaged

Why get back in touch when you can stay in touch?

Switchboard's unparalleled adoption rate and donor intelligence helps you send smarter, more targeted solicitations.

Easily export user contact info for you and your advancement team.

Networking Platform Features

Switchboard makes it easy for you to meaningfully engage your students and alumni. Here's how.
Switchboard iOS app

Desktop & mobile

Students and alumni can use Switchboard online and via its iOS app.

statistics dashboard

Stats dashboard

Measure your Switchboard's success with in-depth statistics.

find mentors

Create opportunity

Help students and alumni find jobs, mentors, and advice.

security features

User moderation

Moderate registration, comments, and posts on your Switchboard.

export contact info

Get contact info

Export user contact info and keep your donor database fresh.

message users

Message users

Reach out to specific user segments with in-app messages.

mentorship platform

Foster mentorship

Switchboard makes it easy for members to find mentors.



Customize appearance and security settings to match your needs.

intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

Alumni of all ages love Switchboard because it is easy to use.

staff support

Full staff support

Our staff are on hand to help you get the most out of Switchboard.

donation button

Donation button

Encourage giving with a donation button on every landing page.

oauth login

Integrated login

Members can register and login with existing  CAS or social accounts.

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Switchboard has the highest adoption rate of any alumni engagement platform in the market. Our partner schools' Switchboards are 5 times more engaging than their LinkedIn alumni groups.

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