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Mara zepeda

Mara Zepeda

Co-founder & CEO


Sean lerner

Sean Lerner

Co-founder & CTO


Andy Shaindlin

Andy Shaindlin

Vice President

Tara nelson

Tara Nelson


Chelsea Haring

Chelsea Haring


Kieran Hanrahan

Kieran Hanrahan



Tim Cooper

Partner Success

Alumni:  Brent Bailey, Brett Beutell, Martha Janicki, Will Jones, Aria Joughin, Hannah Hay-Smith, Melissa Lewis, Lea Loo, Chris Lopez, Chris Lu, Jennifer McCarthy, Tanner Seward, Kevin Steigerwald, David Wilson


We believe that colleges, universities, and independent schools need strong communities to help students and alumni succeed. Switchboard helps schools create responsive, caring networks where members of their community can find and share transformative opportunities.



The internet brought us together so we could make the internet a better place.

We serve cities, industries, farmersaffinity communities, membership organizations, and colleges and universities.

Switchboard was founded by Mara Zepeda and Sean Lerner. They met over Twitter in 2012 and built the first Switchboard for their alma mater, Reed College. They wanted to create an intuitive ad-free platform that prioritized building community. You can read the entire story here


You can find all press and press releases here. We've also been featured in:

Jessica hische

Jessica Hische

Design Advisor


Samuel hulick

Samuel Hulick

Advisor & User Experience


Andy shaindlin

Andrew Shaindlin

Advisor for Higher Education


Noah pepper

Noah Pepper



Jesse Bardo

Jesse Bardo

Advisor for Higher Education




Advising & Design




You can read more about our thoughts on company culture and fundraising.


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