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Our service design, coaching, and professional development offerings generate real results for teams and institutions in higher ed.

New Solutions for Higher Ed

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Meet your goals with our design-thinking approach to addressing constituent needs

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Help your team shine with our professional development and coaching packages

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Generate results for your community with ongoing support from our team

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Create a culture of philanthropy that generates lasting returns

We help
forward-thinking institutions design change that lasts.


How We Work

A Tailored Process That Delivers Measurable Results

Other companies parachute in, offer a one-size-fits-all approach, deliver a presentation and leave. Switchboard is different. We deliver customized solutions based on your goals, your community’s needs, and what will generate successful outcomes in both the short and long term.


We start by listening to understand your unique needs and how our team can support and supplement your existing programs and initiatives. We help you develop smarter strategies based on your goals.


We know how to bring departments together. We help create cooperation and collaboration across departments.


We take offline behaviors and make
them scalable and efficient online. Students and alumni are inspired to return. Your community gains traction and grows steadily. Track metrics and become the facilitator of a thriving, engaged community. 


The team at Switchboard really is incredible and continues to be responsive to our questions. Combined with the easy-to-use interface and excellent platform design, we've had only positive reviews from students, alumni, staff and parents.


Courtney Stricklin
Asst. Director Employer Relations
Occidental College


Prior to Switchboard, we always lacked an efficient way to connect our community members to one another for the purpose of asking for help and offering support. Switchboard has been the perfect solution because now our community members have access to everyone's network.


Craig Swinyard
Alumni Relations Director
University of Portland

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