The Future of Engagement

Our proven strategic process and award-winning platform cultivate a habit of philanthropy that increases loyalty, love, and success among your community.

The Future of Engagement

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Holistic support from a global network that scales with the careers and lives of your alumni

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Opportunities for personal and professional development

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A way to meaningfully connect to the alma mater they love beyond events and social media

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Engagement that is a pipeline for volunteering, events, and financial giving—on their terms

We help
forward-thinking institutions grow powerful and effective networks.



What We Do

Our Process and Product Drive Outcomes

Switchboard aligns your team to implement a modern strategy that maximizes engagement and ROI. Then you become the facilitator of a powerful, scalable network that creates positive outcomes for your community and your institution. 


We start by listening to understand your unique needs and how Switchboard can support and supplement your existing programs and initiatives. We help you develop smarter strategies based on your goals.


We know how to bring departments together. We help create cooperation and collaboration across departments.


We take offline behaviors and make
them scalable and efficient online. Students and alumni are inspired to return. Your community gains traction and grows steadily. Track metrics and become the facilitator of a thriving, engaged community. 


The team at Switchboard really is incredible and continues to be responsive to our questions. Combined with the easy-to-use interface and excellent platform design, we've had only positive reviews from students, alumni, staff and parents.


Courtney Stricklin
Asst. Director Employer Relations
Occidental College


Prior to Switchboard, we always lacked an efficient way to connect our community members to one another for the purpose of asking for help and offering support. Switchboard has been the perfect solution because now our community members have access to everyone's network.


Craig Swinyard
Alumni Relations Director
University of Portland

Some of Our Wonderful Partners

We make it simple for students, alumni, and your broader community to connect. They ASK for the help they need or make an OFFER for help they wish to give. We track the outcomes of these connections and automatically share powerful data and qualitative success stories.

Every connection builds institutional loyalty and helps students and alumni succeed.


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Switchboard succeeds as a platform because it has the people to back it up. Our team of experts from higher education and the private sector is here to help our partners get the most out of Switchboard.

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