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Advice on careers in radio?

Until recently my answer to the famous "What are you going to do?" question was a shrug. I have always had a latent passion for public broadcasting. It’s finally occurred to me that I can just go for it try to make a living doing what I’m passionate about, and that’s just what I intend to do. I’m looking for advice, contacts, internships, anything that can get me a step further on this road.

Tags: journalism, radio
Posted: April 19, 2014

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Visting Tokyo?

I've been living in Japan for the past decade. I would be more than happy to show you around Tokyo, give advice and tips on Japan in general, and - for a short stay - let you have my couch! I moved here partly because I just love the food, so if you especially need tips on where to eat, let me know!

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Tags: travel, couchsurfing, food
Posted: April 19, 2014

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