For Advancement

Switchboard grows alumni affinity and giving capacity by sowing the seeds for their personal and professional success—all under the auspices of their alma mater.

For Advancement


Keep your contact information and other data fresh


Cultivate donors by growing their capacity to give


Build genuine alumni affinity and foster a culture of giving


Patch the leak in your pipeline between graduation and gift

Switchboard builds institutional affinity by giving back to the alumni we ask to give.


Broaden your funnel

Alumni post on Switchboard to exchange jobs, connections, and advice with fellow alumni.

Students use Switchboard to build their network and connect with alumni before they graduate.

You use Switchboard to reach current and future donors.

Their network is an underused asset. We can change that.


Cultivate giving capacity

Students and alumni find opportunities on Switchboard every day. Help them build lasting, lucrative connections with their alma mater's network.

Every connection builds institutional loyalty and helps students and alumni succeed.


Diversify engagement

Why get back in touch when you can stay in touch?

Switchboard's unparalleled adoption rate and donor intelligence helps you send smarter, more targeted solicitations.

Easily export user contact info for you and your advancement team.


Track relationships

What should go here? What functionality should we profile? Are there changes we should make to the above?


When our alumni connect using Switchboard, it brings them closer to the university, it connects them to UP. So ten years down the line, the ask that comes from Development can be much more pinpointed and much more successful.


Craig Swinyard
Alumni Relations Director
University of Portland


Broaden Your Base by Cultivating Giving Capacity

We invest heavily in our established alumni once they become gift prospects. We invest heavily in our students. But we invest little in our relationships with young alumni. 

We need to stop cultivating donors by buttering them up and start cultivating alumni by actually helping them grow as human beings and professionals. If we can increase alumni capacity to give, we can reap the rewards for our institutions.



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