Andrew Shaindlin Joins Switchboard as Vice President

Andy Shaindlin

Andy Shaindlin

We’re delighted to announce that on October 1, Andrew Shaindlin will join Switchboard as Vice President. Switchboard is an award-winning engagement platform based in Portland, Oregon that works with with leading colleges, universities, and independent schools across the world. Andy makes this transition building on his role as advisor to Switchboard for the last four years.

Andy brings three decades of experience in higher education advancement and alumni relations, most recently as Vice President in the Alumni Relations practice at Grenzebach Glier and Associates (GG+A). Previously, he held positions at Carnegie Mellon, Caltech, the University of Michigan and Brown University. Andy holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University, and a master’s in Education from Claremont Graduate University. He is recognized as a leader in higher education and as an early advocate for technology.

His appointment comes at a time of remarkable transition for higher education. Forward-thinking leaders recognize that institutional advancement is directly tied to investment in community, and student and alumni career outcomes. As Vice President, Andy will help institutions transition to outcomes-based engagement. He will focus on goal-setting and engagement outcomes. Andy will help position Switchboard as the leader in driving engagement across a variety of communities and organizations.

“Alumni communities must shift their definition of success. Activities like events, or metrics such as social media ‘likes' are inputs," says Andy. "A successful 21st-century strategy leverages inputs to enable outcomes, both for the institution and its community. This shift can only be achieved through internal collaboration, innovation, and team alignment."

Mara Zepeda, co-founder and CEO of Switchboard, says it's a natural partnership. "No leader in the field is a more respected advocate for an outcomes-driven engagement approach. At Switchboard, that is what we design for every day. This is a natural partnership that will help our partners to deliver the services and support students, families, and alumni have come to expect."

Andy's addition to the team, along with our new Director of Partnerships, Chelsea Haring, advances Switchboard’s position as a leader in higher education advancement, career services, and alumni relations.