Strengthen alumni ties

Switchboard makes the on-campus community that your alumni lose after graduation available online.

Alumni use the platform to connect with students, each other, and their alma mater. Every connection builds institutional loyalty.

A mature Switchboard engages thousands of alumni every month without draining staff time.


Activate their network

Thousands of alumni at dozens of institutions find opportunities on Switchboard every month.

Other platforms don't offer your constituents a reason to come back. Alumni love Switchboard because it actually meets their needs in their personal and professional lives.

Offer the alumni benefit that keeps on giving: a powerful network.


Further your advancement goals

We help institutions engage the unengaged and surface the most active members of their alumni community.

Switchboard captures every interaction, every success, and reports it all to you and your team automatically each week. Your fundraising team will never bug you for data again.


Measure your ROI

You want a platform with a proven return on investment. Switchboard tracks growth and user activity for you so you can spend less time mucking around in spreadsheets and more time impressing your team.

Export monthly reports to share with your colleagues at the click of a button.


Learn more about your community

Where are your alumni most active? What industries are they interested in? What do they care most about?

Switchboard keeps the pulse of your alumni community so you can engage them more efficiently and more effectively. Never worry about throwing a poorly attended chapter event again.