switchboard for advancement

Broaden your funnel

Traditional fundraising operations spend the most resources on alumni who are most likely to give at the expense of the rest of the donor pipeline.

Switchboard builds institutional affinity among all demographics, but especially with those most overlooked: students and young alumni.


Cultivate giving capacity

Switchboard fosters giving by cultivating alumni capacity to give in the first place. Alumni with successful careers and fulfilling lives give back to the institutions that make them possible.

Switchboard is a clearinghouse for opportunities. Every connection made is an investment in your current and future donors.

switchboard for advancement

Improve your donor intelligence

In a world awash with solicitations, you need more informed, better targeted communications to stand out. Switchboard automatically gathers the location, interest, and contact information of your alumni.

Export fresh information for your donor database with the click of a button.


Identify your most engaged alumni

Not every engaged alumna chooses to give, and big donors stay involved with their alma mater beyond just writing checks.

Switchboard's extensive user analytics make it possible to find the engaged alumni you're missing and to tailor the requests you make of your existing donors.


Track every relationship

Switchboard tracks every connection and point of contact so you can be smarter about who you ask and how you ask them.

Go beyond traditional donor information and understand why your alumni give back. Then use that intelligence to refine your fundraising narrative and tell your alumni the stories they care about most.