Why The American School in London Uses Switchboard

The American School in London
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We're excited to share our first partnership with a school overseas—The American School in London. The K-12 school is internationally recognized, and with about 1,300 students and 13,000 alumni, its community is the size of a small college's.

Hundreds of those alumni are already using the ASL Switchboard to exchange advice and opportunities.

We asked ASL's Director of Online Communications Liz Allen to shared why she and her team chose Switchboard and how they're using it now.

What excites you most about what Switchboard can do for ASL and its community?

We're excited to facilitate connections among our community members. It's more than just job networking or class notes—it's a dense network of useful interactivity based on things alumni actually need or want. With such a large, international community, a service like Switchboard helps our alumni discover connections with one another they might never know they had based on geography, interests, career, and more.

Why did you choose to partner with Switchboard?

The Switchboard team demonstrated a true understanding of the disconnect between some more popular alumni platforms and what alumni actually need. This platform stands out from the crowd because of its low barrier to entry, ease of use, and simple premise. Switchboard's flexibility, great customer support and administrator tools help make it easy as possible to sign up, get started, and see results right away.

What problems does Switchboard help you solve that you couldn’t solve before?

As a small team, we couldn't possibly deliver the level of service to alumni that Switchboard provides. It's our "go-to," adding value to the ASL alumni experience. Our community now have a resource that will facilitate almost anything: finding a place to live, finding a new job, finding new friends, finding new places in the world to explore.