We're pivoting!

Do you know what today is? Why it is Y Combinator’s demo day of course! Are you following it minute by minute like we are?

So is it just me or is there a restaurant delivery service in every class (too lazy to actually do the research to confirm this)? 

Me: “Isn’t there a restaurant delivery service every class?”

Sean: “It’s a huge opportunity if you can do it well.”

Me: “Someone should mash up Über with restaurant delivery and just pick you up and drive you to the restaurant. It’d probably be faster.”

Sean: “No. Someone should pick you up and then hand you a burrito. And call it Üburrito.”

Then, because it is 4 PM on a Tuesday Sean made a logo for our new company. We’ll be lining up an investor call at the end of this week. The market, obviously, is huge.