A Switchboard for Oberlin

We’re happy to announce that we’re officially partnering with Oberlin College. Oberlin is a top-ranked liberal arts college and world-renowned conservatory (and they have an awesome library, as seen above). This is a big deal for us! We’ve harbored a liberal arts school crush on Oberlin for some time, and we’ve always admired their creative use of storytelling and social networks to engage the world and their own community.

We’re excited to see how Oberlin students and alumni use the Oberlin Switchboard. We hope that Switchboard will, by helping Obies help one another, make it clear to the world just how special the Oberlin community is. And more concretely, of course, we hope that Obies rack up as many Switchboard successes as possible.

Oberlin students and alumni are already posting asks, offers, and successes on the Oberlin Switchboard about jobs, internships, places to stay, and places for their chickens to stay. Yup, chickens. This is why we love Oberlin.

Ma’ayan Plaut, Oberlin’s Manager of Social Strategy and Projects, is as excited about this partnership as we are. “The most brilliant part of watching Switchboard take shape here in Oberlin is watching peoples’ faces as they begin to understand the potential of a committed helpful community. Simply put, it makes sense for a community that believes in each other to believe that in order to change the world, we have to be there for each other to make it happen,” Ma’ayan says. “We’ve only just begun our time with Switchboard and we’ve already seen connections forged over food, animals, travel, and art. That’s the Oberlin ethos is action, and we can’t wait to see where things go next!”

So thank you, Oberlin. You’re an ideal community for us to learn from. Every success on the Oberlin Switchboard makes us feel even more warm fuzzies than usual.

Mudd Library photo by istolethetv.