Trends in Engagement: An Alumni Relations Roundtable with Andy Shaindlin

Alumni communities around the world face an engagement landscape that is changing ever more rapidly. This means understanding and responding to trends within their institutions, and in society at large.  At Switchboard, we wrestle with the same issues, and are curious about how alumni communities are responding to a number of key changes happening around them.

To explore some of these topics, we’ve invited Andy Shaindlin, founder of Alumni Futures, Vice President at the international consulting firm Grenzebach Glier & Associates, and recently Associate Vice President at Carnegie Mellon University, to lead a roundtable discussion with our partner schools tomorrow (Tuesday, May 10) at our Portland offices. 

Key topics Andy will discuss with participants include:

  •  The impact of consolidation of alumni and development programs under the "integrated advancement model”;
  •  The effect of changing digital engagement on alumni relations – not just social media, but all electronic interactions; and
  • Trends in data collection, analysis and reporting: are we drowning in data? Do we have the skill set and personnel to learn from it and to use it for improving alumni outreach?

We’re excited about the discussion and will share some takeaways in blog post later this week.