New Features: Mentions, Text Editor, and Notifications

The Dev Team has been busy rolling out new features, and we wanted to take a moment to showcase their hard work.

These three features make it easier for users to post on Switchboard, interact with one another, and keep up with their community.


The first feature, mentions, allow users to mention other Switchboarders in their posts and comments. This creates a link to the mentioned user’s profile and alerts them to the fact that they’ve been mentioned. Mentions are a great way to alert a friend to a relevant post or send an asker to someone for help. Or if you’re making an ask or offer with another Switchboarder, you can include them in your post.


Notifications alert users when someone mentions them, comments on or favorites one of their posts, or logs a success on one of their posts. Switchboarders also get notifications when anyone in their community logs a success. That way everyone gets to bask in the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you succeed.

Text Editor

The new text editor unobtrusively allows commenters and posters to style their text by adding links, bold, or italics. This keeps posts and comments uncluttered and makes sharing information easier.

Those are the features we have to share for now, but there are more exciting things in the pipeline, and the Dev Team is always making small tweaks that improve the Switchboard experience. Stay tuned.