We often hear from users who want to put images in their posts.

Well. The Switchboard dev team has news for you.

You can include images in posts now.

Images in Switchboard posts!

To include an image in your post, just click the picture icon in the post toolbar as in the .gif above. You can upload multiple images at once, but all images get cropped into 200x200 squares. This isn't Tumblr, after all.

So, those of you who've asked us to let you post images on Switchboard: consider your ask offered! Or answered. Or whatever.

If you've never wanted to include an image with your ask or offer, we came up with some ideas to get you started.


Hiring? Post a picture of where you work!

Switchboard offer


Offering a place to stay? Post a picture of your place!

Switchboard offer


Selling a thing? Post a picture of the thing!

Switchboard offer!

Switchboard offer!

One more thing

Oh, also: .gifs.

Images in posts!