Hooray for community, especially new folks

Putting a name to a face is one of those things that makes moving through life a little bit easier and more enjoyable.  In that spirit, I'm Tim Cooper, and I wanted to take the opportunity to put a face, and a voice, to a name that will be popping up now that I have joined the crew at Switchboard HQ.  

I come from a varied background ranging in everything from working as an actor at a German American West theme park, teaching science to middle schoolers in New York City, and coaching college students towards graduation at various universities, and the common thread that was woven through all of my experiences was one of community.

Strong, supportive communities add so much value to our world and have added significant value to my experiences thus far, which is why I am incredibly excited to join the Switchboard family as the Customer Success Manager and support Switchboards in enhancing and fostering what makes each one so special - unique, amazing community.  

Long live community!