Announcing: Live Filters on Switchboard

Hello from sunny Portland! Spring has arrived!

Over the next month we’ll be releasing some new features you’ve asked for. There’s a new one we pushed up today. Notice anything new at the top of your Switchboard? That’s right: live filters. Behold!

We’ve heard from you, our wonderful users, that you want to easily find what you need on Switchboard. Filters helps you do just that. Interested in all OFFERS for JOBS in SAN FRANCISCO?

Want to see all ASKS for ADVICE within your community?

Just curious about all of the ASKS in SEATTLE

But wait, there’s more! You can also add a search query within the filters. For example all STARTUP POSTS.


Go visit your favorite Switchboard community, login, and let us know what you think. Portland Startups Switchboard is a good place to start.

Never heard of Switchboard? Learn more and build a Switchboard for your community!

Stay tuned for more feature announcements and please keep the suggestions coming!