These Data Explain What Makes Young Alumni's Priorities Different

We all know intuitively that young alumni are different than their older counterparts, but we often lack the data to explain how—or to explain what we can do about it.

Now we have some data to help.

The Alumni Attitude Study surveyed over 500,000 alumni at 200 universities and colleges between 2001–2012. The survey asked alumni of all ages questions about their giving habits and relationships with their alma maters. The data explain why young alumni giving patterns are different than those of their older peers.

How Career Success Affects Alumni Giving, in 3 Graphs

We make a lot of assumptions about alumni giving without the data to back them up. To help us test those assumptions, here are three graphs from rigorous surveys with hundreds of thousands of participants.

The data reveal that young alumni give at much lower rates than their more established counterparts— as many of us already know at our own institutions.

They also help us understand how we might improve those giving rates by addressing alumni's frustrations and needs.

Why Occidental College Uses Switchboard to Connect Students and Alumni

We're excited to announce our partnership with Occidental College! We've been working with Oxy for several months now but haven't had the chance to share.

Occidental's tight-knit, purpose-driven community is the perfect fit for Switchboard. The Occidental Switchboard's 700 users are proof enough of that already. We couldn't be more proud to be serving such an inspiring group of people.

Courtney Stricklin is Occidental's Assistant Director for Employer Relations at the Hameetman Career Center, and Culley Johnson is Occidental's Assistant Director for Engagement Communications. We asked them to tell us a little bit about why she's excited to see the Occidental Switchboard continue to grow.

Switchboard for Independent Schools – St. Andrew's College

We write a lot about higher education, but Switchboard also partners with independent schools.

Alumni and advancement offices at independent schools face many of the same challenges that their college and university counterparts do. Connecting constituents, maintaining relationships, and managing limited staff time are just a few.

We asked Old Boy Officer Nick J.S. Weedon at St. Andrew's College to tell us how Switchboard helps his office overcome those challenges.