6 Podcasts Advancement Professionals (and Their Colleagues) Should Be Listening To

Whether you're an advancement pro or an advancement-adjacent professional trying to keep up with one, there are dozens of podcasts you could be listening to. We listened to them and chose the six most relevant and best produced ones for you to enjoy.

Fundraising Fundamentals

Length: 10–12 minutes
Producer: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Nonprofit consultant Toni Martignetti hosts this monthly podcast for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Don't let the name fool you—Fundraising Fundamentals doesn't just cover the basics. Martignetti's experience in the nonprofit world and attention to new trends makes the podcast well worth listening to.

EverTrue's Fireside Chats

Length: 50 minutes
Producer: EverTrue

If you aren't listening to EverTrue's fireside chats, you should be. While the company works with more than just colleges and universities, these webinar recordings remain singularly focused on higher education. EverTrue's chats are excellent for wonky advancement professionals who like to dig deep into campaign statistics and fundraising methodologies.

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Driving Participation Podcast: What’s Working in Marketing & Fundraising

Length: 35–45 minutes
Producer: Beth Brodovsky

With well over a hundred episodes, Driving Participation has been covering fundraising for over two years. While not every episode is relevant to higher ed, you can always sort through dozens more to find one that is. The podcast strikes a nice balance between high-level strategy and on-the-ground techniques.

Raise & Engage

Length: 45–50 minutes
Producer: Blackbaud

Raise & Engage has all the depth and polish you'd expect from Blackbaud. At close to an hour per episode, this podcast is best for advancement folks who want to get into the nitty gritty of new fundraising trends and technology.

Rally & Engage

Length: 30–40 minutes
Producer: CauseVox

Rally & Engage focuses more on marketing and technology than other podcasts in this list and is best for listeners with an interest in communications. Each episode is an interview with a nonprofit leader. Discussions on Rally & Engage center on strategy rather than tactics, but that means it can feel a little fluffy at times for folks more interested in the details.

The Fundraising Coach

Length: 5 minutes
Producer: Tom Iselin

Minimalist and to-the-point, The Fundraising Coach makes a good introduction to fundraising for anyone. Tom Iselin's short five-minute episodes will probably be less interesting to experienced advancement professionals.