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Our partner schools use Switchboard because it generates positive outcomes for their students and alumni every day. Read more below about how our partners at these institutions are using Switchboard to further their alumni relations, career services, and advancement goals.

Reed on Switchboard's alumni platform

Alice Harra
Associate Dean of Students
Reed College

“When we ask students to network, they need some training. But when they have a specific ask on Switchboard, it creates a more meaningful connection, and they don’t even realize that’s networking. Students find opportunities that they may not have been able to find from other resources."

Buckingham Browne and Nichols School

Cecily Craighill-Davis
‎Director, Alumni/ae Programs
Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

"As we reviewed many of the alumni engagement products on the market, Switchboard appealed to us right away. We quickly understood its functions, features, and benefit to our community; plus the format fits nicely with our alumni culture and values. The added benefit for our team is working with professional collaborators who value the same things we do and want to help us succeed."

University of Portland on Switchboard's alumni platform

Craig Swinyard
Director, Alumni Relations
University of Portland

"Prior to Switchboard, we always lacked an efficient way to connect our community members to one another for the purpose of asking for help and offering support. Switchboard has been the perfect solution because now our community members have access to everyone's network."

Courtney Stricklin
Assistant Director for Employer Relations
Occidental College

"The team at Switchboard really is incredible and continues to be responsive to our questions. Combined with the easy-to-use interface and excellent platform design, we've had only positive reviews from students, alumni, staff and parents."

Megan Bradley
Assistant Director, Career Networking
Santa Clara University

"Switchboard lets Broncos maintain and grow their affinity for SCU and the Bronco community. It keeps Santa Clara relevant to them no matter where they’re at in their life. Ultimately, everyone has something to ask or something to offer. That’s universal."

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What Leaders in Higher Education Are Saying

Tara Laskowski
CASE Currents

"Alumni offices want a robust and engaged network. Alumni want connections, freebies, and a helping hand. Switchboard can build you a stronger and happier university community."

Senator Bob Kerrey
President Emeritus
The New School

"The best alumni relations enables graduates to help and be helped by each other and their alma mater. Switchboard is an easy, low-cost way to do just that. Switchboard creates a 24/7 community that gives and gets the assistance alumni need." 


What Switchboard Members Are Saying

Caroline '14
Reed College

"All of the people I've connected with on Switchboard have been excited to help in whatever way they can.

I show Switchboard off to friends from other schools and usually get a kind of jealous response like, 'I wish my school had that.'"

Zina '12
Reed College

"Switchboard is the best platform we have to connect alumni. I have met Reedies through Switchboard I never would have been able to find otherwise.

It makes me feel embraced by the alumni network in a way that I could not have imagined while I was still a student."

William '10
Oberlin College

"On Switchboard, I can offer help to current students knowing that they are inquisitive and hard-working, and I can receive advice from older alums who have the experience of striving for positive change in this world on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decade-long basis."

Eric '14
Reed College

"I'm a first-generation college graduate from a low-income family. As someone who knew I wouldn't be able to turn to family for my economic security, there have been moments when I've felt overwhelmed and disempowered.

Switchboard gave me the chance to step into a network of big-hearted, community-minded Reedies that was there all along."

Anna '15
Reed College

“Unlike Facebook or Twitter, where I’m connected to my peers, people my age, Switchboard allows me to connect and reach out to many generations of alumni.

And that is a rare and special opportunity, because those people have a lot of wisdom, they have a lot of experience, and they have a lot of connections.”

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