Watching the Pulse of the Portland Tech Community on PDX Startups Switchboard

With over 1,500 users and 1,000 asks and offers, PDX Startups Switchboard has become a mainstay of the Portland tech scene. PDX Startups users have logged dozens of success—from giving away free legal advice to finding jobs—and many have made visiting the Switchboard part of their daily routine. Today we bring you the story of Mason, who uses PDX Startups Switchboard to find collaborators and jobs and watch the pulse of the Portland tech community.

Why do you use PDX Startups Switchboard?

I initially started visiting PDX Startups as another daily pulse-check on the Portland tech scene, in addition to Silicon Florist and Calagator. Aside from the simple enjoyment of seeing what everyone is asking and offering, I specifically keep an eye out for potential work and collaboration opportunities.

You've had success on Switchboard a few times. Could you share a story or two?

I’ve sought career advice, work, and collaboration opportunities on Switchboard. Each time, I’ve been met with encouragement and useful input, even if my intended goal wasn’t met. (Protip: I’ve found late success with an old ask, after mentioning and linking to it in a new ask.) Something beneficial has come out of each post I’ve made to PDX Startups. I’ve gone on to meet with a handful of people I initially connected with via Switchboard, some of which have turned into professional connections, and a couple that I am also now glad to call friends.

After sending a resume into a local company, I saw a post that one of their engineers made to PDX Startups. I sent him a direct message on Switchboard, regarding my interest. When they did get back to me—to schedule an interview—it was in reply to the message I had sent him!

Would you recommend PDX Startups Switchboard to friends?

Absolutely! In fact, I already have. After seeing a couple of asks regarding WordPress development, I forwarded the links to a friend and WordPress developer. I believe he found new clients in both cases, and I’ve also seen him active and making asks and offers on PDX Startups Switchboard since. I always keep in mind what I’ve seen come up on PDX Startups Switchboard, and I frequently find an opportunity to tell someone about an ask or offer that would interest them.

In general, I often recommend it as the most direct way to engage and observe Portland tech culture’s opportunities and needs.