PDX Startups Switchboarders Bring New Community Members into the Fold

The Portland startups community is incredibly generous, so it shouldn't be surprising that their Switchboard is incredibly welcoming. Users of the Portland Startups Switchboard help one another find jobs, offer each other advice, and host events that bring the community together.

They don't reserve generosity for people they know, either. The Portland Startups Switchboard also helps people who are new to the city. We asked a few questions of one such PDX pilgrim, Dea, who, with of the help the community, landed a job in Portland three days after she moved here. 

When and why did you start using the PDX Startups Switchboard?

I decided to make the move from San Francisco to Portland about three months prior to finding out about the PDX Startups Switchboard. My dad volunteers at the Tualatin Wildlife Refuge with a woman whose son, Rick Turoczy, is very involved in the Portland startup scene. Knowing that I thrive in a startup culture, my dad and his coworker connected me with Rick, who gave me great advice and information about startup events happening plus a link to the PDX Startups Switchboard. I loved the excitement and positive nature of the community on Switchboard and decided that it was where I would post my "Ask" for a new gig.

Could you talk about your experience finding your job?

It was amazing! Coming from a place where the general community views the startup culture somewhat negatively, it was refreshing to see a group of startup and tech people who have earned a positive relationship with their community.

Within two hours of posting, I had about four or five responses from people who didn't know of any openings in their own company but could recommend me to other companies and resources. About a week before I was set to move to Portland, I got a response from a company called Lytics that was looking for someone like me. We did a few phone interviews while I was still in San Francisco and then an in-person interview the day after I moved. I got the job the next day! Finding a job with a respected and promising startup within three days of moving to a new city was incredible. I know that the PDX Startups Switchboard was instrumental in making it happen.

Would you recommend the PDX Startups Switchboard to friends?

Yes! I already do! It is an amazing way to meet people who are interested in the same things you are and passionate about the up-and-coming Portland startup scene.