Finding Your Community Around the World

This next success story is about Jessica.

In January, Jessica posted an ask on  Switchboard: “Meet me at airport/restaurant & I buy you breakfast in London, Sat. Feb 2.”

Jessica says, “I posted an ask on Switchboard for my fantasy, someone to meet me at the airport really early, have me buy them breakfast, and then take me to my hotel. I knew it was a long shot but I figured, don’t ask, don’t get.”

One of Switchboard’s many mottos is: “Ask and Ye Shall Receive.” Jessica asked, and she did receive. After posting on Reed Switchboard, she connected with Michael ‘07 and Susan ‘07 and got her wish.

“Michael met me at my train station, took me on a cool little tour, and then the three of us had a very nice dinner at Duke of Cambridge. They even waited an hour with me at the bar for my cab as the trains had stopped running.”

“I would absolutely recommend Switchboard to other Reedies and will probably use it again,” says Jessica. “One of the nice things about Reedies is that if you’re traveling somewhere where you don’t know anyone, you can usually find a Reedie willing to entertain you.”

Jessica and Michael and Susan graduated 14 years apart. They all went to Reed, but were separated by time. Five thousand miles away from their alma mater, Switchboard brought them together.