switchboard for independent schools

Multiply your impact

Independent school alumni operations are the smallest of the small. We know that. That's why we engineered Switchboard to amplify every ounce of effort you invest in your community.

On Switchboard, students, alumni, and families can find and share advice and opportunities on their own terms, without your holding their hands.


Engage students, alumni, and families

Switchboard provides a secure community that students, alumni, and families all use and trust.

Your community has truckloads of untapped goodwill. Switchboard unleashes it by giving community members a place to offer what they have and ask for what they need.


Bridge the college engagement gap 

Your alumni's college years blow a hole in your engagement pipeline. Switchboard plugs that leak by keeping graduates connected to their alma mater even when they're at their busiest.

Your young alumni want to connect with older alumni to find advice, jobs, and opportunities. Switchboard gives them an easy way to do that.


Keep your alumni data up to date

Switchboard helps you keep track of your alumni's location, interests, and activity with easily exportable user information that you can upload into your donor database. Match new data with existing records using unique user IDs, and gather intelligence on what your alumni care about most.


Connect lost alumni back to the institution

Alumni love their independent schools, but they don't always have a reason to reconnect with the institution or its network. Switchboard makes those connections by giving them a place to find and share opportunities.

Alumni love little more than helping younger versions of themselves.