Scaling and Crowdsourcing Career Expertise

A seismic change is occurring in higher education. Some schools are not surviving, and only the innovative are thriving. To stay competitive, schools need to prove their worth to an increasingly skeptical audience. Career services can be on the front lines of that fight. Those with the ability to meet the needs of their students and alumni at scale have the competitive advantage.

Seeing the Big Picture: What We Read to Keep up with Change in Higher Ed

Higher education is changing fast, whether you can see it happening or not. Where we at Team Switchboard sit—the intersection of alumni relations, advancement, and career services—it can be especially hard to keep up.

There are a few go-to publications we all read for insight, like Inside Higher Ed, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Times Higher Education, but there are dozens more sources of in-depth coverage of higher education.

Here is a list of nine think tanks and publications whose work we read regularly to stay informed.

Alumni Mentoring Programs: A Literature Review in 6 Articles

Alumni mentoring was the big buzzphrase in alumni relations and career services in 2016.

But the rise in such programs has some people asking, "What is mentoring anyway?" Is it a Karate Kid-style, one-on-one relationship that the institution has to set up from scratch? Or is it something more organic? What can mentees expect to get out of it, and what should mentors expect to do?

To help answer these and other questions, we picked six articles that cut past the hype and clarify what alumni mentoring programs look like at their best.