Career-Related Posts on Switchboard

We asked our dev team to pull numbers on career-related posts across all Switchboards.

The results are clear: Students and alumni trust Switchboard to help them find their next job and plan their careers in the long-term.

Not only that—they also turn to Switchboard to offer their communities career-related help. The majority of career-related posts on Switchboard are offers to lend a hand.

# of career-related posts across all switchboards

42% (2999) of posts across all Switchboards are about jobs, internships, advice, or networking.

Breakdown of Career-Related Asks vs. Offers

Of those career-related posts, 44% (1305) are asks and 56% (1694) are offers.

Switchboard allows students, young alumni, and older alumni to form intergenerational connections that benefit them and their alma maters. Most career-related asks are posted by students and younger alumni. Most career-related offers are posted by older alumni.

Who Posted Career-related asks

Of those asks, 51% (661) were from current students, 25% (331) were from young alumni, and 24% (304) were from older alumni.

Who posted career-related offers

Of those offers, 11% (192) were from current students, 31% (532) were from young alumni, and 58% (1021) were from older alumni.

A full 70% of users who checked in on their career-related posts said they had a good experience after posting.

We also tracked 5513 connections (comments on a post or messages that result from a post) that Switchboard users made as a result of 2999 career-related posts. That's 1.84 connections per post, and there are even more that we can't track—connections made over email, by phone, and in person.

Breakdown of Career-Related Post Outcomes

70% of user check-ins on career-related posts were positive, 24% neutral, and only 6% were negative.

# of Career-Related Posts & Connections

We tracked 5513 connections that users made as a result of 2999 career-related posts. That’s 1.84 connections per career-related post.

These numbers aren't surprising, given the vast array of narrative evidencewe've gathered to support the claim that Switchboard works. Alumni and students trust each other to lend a hand, and Switchboard is where they go to find that help.