Exercise: Mapping the Engagement Web

The traditional understanding of alumni engagement strategy as a "funnel" obscures the interconnectedness of the programs we offer and the reality of how alumni relate to their alma mater.

This one-page exercise will help you map your strategy and offerings as an engagement web and make it easy to identify the opportunities you are missing for programs to work together and better serve and engage your constituents.

Redefining Engagement

We collected our smartest writing from our blog into one whitepaper for you to read and share with your colleagues.

We believe that advancement, alumni relations, and career services work best when they work together. This whitepaper advances that argument by redefining student and alumni engagement as we know it.

Redefining Engagement

Alumni Career Communities Checklist

Alumni career communities are networks used by career services and alumni relations offices to deliver value to their constituents at scale.

We spoke with dozens of schools to put together this two-page checklist to help you implement career communities of your own.

Alumni Career Communities Checklist

Engaging Young Alumni

We surveyed George Mason University, Kean University, Oklahoma State University, Hamilton College, Willamette University, and Phillips Exeter Academy about their most effective young alumni engagement strategies.

Get our whitepaper to learn how you can apply the lessons they've learned to your own engagement efforts. We've also included three of our most insightful essays on engaging young alumni.


Advancement for a New Era: How career services and alumni relations can close the giving gap

For the last year, we at Switchboard have been on a listening tour. We’ve interviewed industry leaders and profiled best practices from institutions from coast to coast.

The results are in, and they couldn’t be clearer: To stay competitive, institutions must invest in the personal and professional development of students, and they must leverage their alumni networks in order to do so effectively and efficiently. Institutions must create synergy between career centers and alumni relations offices.

Advancement for a New Era

2016 CASE District Conferences Recap

This year at CASE District conferences across the U.S. and Canada, presenters shared how their institutions are rising to meet today's challenges.

In 70 pages, these leaders explain their strategies, goals, and the challenges that drove them to innovate in the first place. We also asked them share how other schools can use what they've learned to overcome the same challenges.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Engagement Software

Don't let ambiguous marketing promises damage your relationship with alumni and students.

In this free whitepaper, leading user engagement and experience experts at places like Hubspot, TED, and CMX will help you find the right questions to ask vendors before you buy.

5 Mistakes to avoid when buying engagement software


Infographic: Why Alumni Career Services?

Need to convince someone that alumni career services are worth it? Skeptical yourself? This downloadable infographic makes a good introduction.

Alumni Career Services Infographic

How Career Success Affects Alumni Giving, in 3 Graphs

Data reveal that young alumni give at much lower rates than their more established counterparts— as many of us already know at our own institutions.

They also help us understand how we might improve those giving rates by addressing alumni's frustrations and needs.

How Career Success Affects Alumni Giving

Infographics: Engaging Young Alumni 

Being a millennial isn't just about when you were born. Young alumni have needs, concerns, and dispositions that differ from other alumni demographics.

Switchboard helps colleges and universities engage their young alumni every day. We report back on our experience in these infographics.

Young alumni infographics

These Data Explain What Makes Young Alumni Priorities Different

We all know intuitively that young alumni are different than their older counterparts, but we often lack the data to explain how—or to explain what we can do about it.

Now we have some data to help.

Young Alumni Giving

The 7 Essentials of Highly Engaged Alumni

In 2011, a Master's student at Marquette University published a thesis: "The Seven Essentials of Highly Engaged Alumni." Those essentials have since become a central part of Marquette's alumni engagement and advancement strategies.

Seven Essentials of Highly Engaged Alumni