Starting Your Switchboard

We're thrilled to help you start your Switchboard.   Welcome!

We'll need to ask some questions before we begin, and your answers will help us create a customized rollout and marketing plan to get your Switchboard up and running. 

We'll be here for you every step of the way, but there are three essential qualities that all successful Switchboards share:

1. Early Traction: The goal is to get at least 25 users and 10 high quality posts in the first weeks of launch.
2. Engagement: Help your Switchboard grow by responding to each post with a thoughtful comment.
3. Daily Activity and Growth: Switchboards flourish when there are new posts and new users every day.

Your onboarding call and custom rollout plan will help you to meet these early goals.  Let's get started!

What is the name of your community?
What is the URL you would like for your Switchboard? YOU CAN'T CHANGE THIS LATER, so be thoughtful! We suggest you choose something short, authoritative, and easy to remember.
Please tell us the names, titles, and email addresses of the people who should have administrator access. You can always add more yourself later.
If there are additional stakeholders, offices, or organizations that will be cross-promoting your Switchboard, please list them here.
Provide a hex color and we'll customize the appearance of your Switchboard. You can change this later.
What are members of your community called? (eg. at Oberlin they are "Obies", at Reed "Reedies", etc.)
Community Member Affiliations
Who is going to be using your Switchboard?
How many current students does your institution have? How many living, reachable alumni?
Post Categories
Over what broad topics will your community be connecting? These our the most common that we've found generally cover most things. If you'd like any others, select those you want and list the different ones below. There is a requirement of 5 post categories. We also include a sixth option of "Other" to catch all the edge cases that don't fit within your 5 broad topics.
What are your goals for the first year of your Switchboard? How will you publicize your Switchboard? For example: "I want to engage 20% of our community. We will build traction by inviting our mailing list," or "I want daily activity. We will Tweet posts on our Twitter handle." This will help us customize your roll out plan.
Please include a recipient (e.g. c/o Tim Cooper), as well as an address, for us to use moving forward.