Seed Your Switchboard

Getting your first 20-30 posts

Why are they important?






 Set the Right Tone

Generous, positive, collaborative

Show Diversity

Give ideas of what to post about

Make a compelling argument 

"People are here and they want to help!"

What should they be about?

Generous offers from helpful alumni create an opportunity to engage right away. These posts should be:

  • About advice, jobs/connections, and hosting
  • Promote interaction on and off Switchboard
  • Bold, generous and helpful
  • Evergreen (continue to be relevant over time)


Here Are Some of Our favorite first offers

Where do they come from?

Reach out to 20 - 50 engaged alumni and ask for their help kicking things off! Hint: Try to give three, personalized examples when asking someone to post 

Ask them to introduce themselves with an offer about: 

  • Their work
  • Their passion
  • Their connections
  • Their city (hosting)
  • And more!

Some places to find your first posters

  • Alumni staff members
  • Alumni board members
  • Volunteer career mentors
  • Alumni chapter leaders
  • Admissions volunteers


first posts from Reed, Oberlin and Willamette

Got it? On to the next!