11/15/2013 – Reed College, the alma mater of Switchboard founders Mara Zepeda and Sean Lerner, has officially partnered with Switchboard and taken on responsibility for managing the already thriving Reed Switchboard.

Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Mike Teskey comments, “Switchboard allows the Reed community to post needs and fill needs to a community that is larger than what any one Reedie knows. One aspect of our mission, simply stated, is to connect alumni to the college and with each other. Switchboard can facilitate these interactions and be the forum in which Reedies experience positive and fruitful interactions. I have long felt this was a missing element in how we communicate with one another.”

Switchboard co-founder and CEO Mara Zepeda says, “We are overjoyed to be partnering with Reed. The Reed Switchboard has already been an immense success, and this official partnership can only make the Reed community stronger.”

With Switchboard, the resources of Reed’s seventeen thousand alumni and thousands of other community members, like parents, faculty, and staff, are at each Reedie’s fingertips. Reed alumni have already posted hundreds of asks and offers on the Reed Switchboard.