Promotional Materials

Spreading the word for your Switchboard is crucial for long-term growth and activity, and what resonates with your community and inspires them to participate in your Switchboard varies.  There are many tried and trued ways to promote your Switchboard, and below you'll find some that have found success for their Switchboard.



"The SAC Connections Just Got More Powerful" - The Andrean (pg. 55)

St. Andrew's College used their biannual alumni magazine to publish an article that highlights the potential of Switchboard in supporting their alumni community.  In the first day of the magazine reaching alumni, membership tripled for St. Andrew's, and posting increased by ~25%.  

UP Switchboard Creates New Opportunities for Pilots - The Beacon

University of Portland (UP) took advantage of exposure in their popular campus newspaper to promote their Switchboard to current students and other on-campus folks.  The article clearly describes what the Switchboard is, includes helpful images and directions on how to sign-up, and examples of how the Switchboard has already helped the community.  

"Flipping the Switch" - Along Middle Path

Kenyon College published this article about 3 months after starting their Switchboard, which ended up generating about 20 new posts and over 50 connections over the course of a few weeks.  

"Plugging Into the Switchboard" - Reed Magazine

Utilizing a popular campus publication, Reed College was able to catapult their Switchboard forward and generate the momentum that has since led to the adoption of ~25% of the entire Reed community.  

"Switch it up with Switchboard"The Santa Clara

Santa Clara University's campus newspaper was eager to publish a story about their Switchboard as it was gaining momentum and right before their first community-wide announcement.  The article does wonderful job of clearly explaining the switchboard and its value for their community, and upon publishing the article, along with a community-wide announcement, Santa Clara saw an ~100% increase in users.

"Disney Internship: Found on Switchboard through alumnus Troy Hodges"SPU Voices

Seattle Pacific University showcased a wonderful success story from their Switchboard around their one year anniversary.  The article dove into the details of how everything worked out and is a exemplarly microcosm of their Switchboard.  The community felt this way, too, as it helped increase the community by ~15% and activity by about ~15%.



For folks on campus, tangible promotional materials go a long way in not only getting your Switchboard on the campus radar, but to create materials that demonstrate your Switchboard's potential and are targeted to particular audiences.  Below are a few examples of materials to utilize in ongoing promotional efforts.

1. Posters

Poster 2.jpg

2. Template/Script for tabling sessions