04/28/2014 – Oberlin College, a top-ranked liberal arts college and world-renowned conservatory in Oberlin, Ohio, is officially partnering with Switchboard.

“The most brilliant part of watching Switchboard take shape here in Oberlin is watching peoples’ faces as they begin to understand the potential of a committed helpful community. Simply put, it makes sense for a community that believes in each other to believe that in order to change the world, we have to be there for each other to make it happen,” says Manager of Social Strategy and Projects Ma’ayan Plaut. “We’ve only just begun our time with Switchboard and we’ve already seen connections forged over food, animals, travel, and art. That’s the Oberlin ethos is action, and we can’t wait to see where things go next!”

Switchboard CEO and Co-founder Mara Zepeda says, “Oberlin is a model for colleges across the country, not least of all when it comes to its innovative use of social tools like Switchboard. We’re overjoyed to see the Oberlin Switchboard grow and nurture the college’s already incredibly strong sense of community.”