We're hiring an engagement consultant!

Switchboard Engagement Consultant

Part-time (24 hours per week), option to work remotely, flexible schedule.

About Switchboard: At Switchboard, we teach institutions how to strategically listen to the needs of their students and alumni and design service offerings to ensure their success. We work with over 50 institutions through software, coaching, on-site training, and our Higher Education Innovation Fellowship. Our team is curious, generous, motivated, enthusiastic, creative, collaborative, and courageous when it comes to experimenting with new models of service and engagement.

About our partners: We partner with leading colleges, universities, independent schools, and member organizations. These institutions know that the better they listen to, serve, and advance their community’s interests, the more their organization will succeed. Our partners range from top-tier liberal arts schools to large public institutions. We work with career services, alumni affairs, advancement, student affairs, and marketing and communications offices and actively learn from industries outside of higher education like journalism and hospitality to help our partners learn and grow.

Job description:

Our engagement consultant (that’s you) provides individualized support to our partners and on-site training and coaching as needed. The engagement consultant is responsible for partner success and has a clear understanding of where each account is in their development. They also build trusted relationships with multiple decision makers and stakeholders and navigate campus politics to bring people together. They serve as a connector, relationship manager, consultant, and project manager to ensure success for each institution we partner with.

Partner software support

The primary role will be to support our existing software partners. The engagement consultant:

  • Teaches best practices about our model of service-first engagement focused on successful outcomes

  • Helps each partner develop an engagement and outreach strategy

  • Helps partners focus on key metrics, engagement, and success

  • Monitors community usage and engagement

  • Develops a roadmap of engagement success

  • Meets with stakeholders across campus and cultivates that relationship with gifts,  thoughtful gestures, and personal follow-up

  • Understands and works around the unique human and bureaucratic quirks of each partner institution

  • Trains campus ambassadors

  • Celebrates accomplishments and milestones

  • Maintains and tracks a calendar of key engagement dates such as reunions, commencement, etc.   

  • Shares relevant examples and lessons between partners

  • Fosters a community of practice and user groups

  • Anticipates partner needs

  • Creates video tutorials and curriculum materials, leads webinars and virtual trainings

  • Communicates with product team about features requests and product feedback

  • Writes documentation for our help site

  • Drafts monthly partner newsletter

  • Speaks at industry events and conferences

Coaching and training

The secondary role is to develop a coaching and facilitation practice that works in-person with our partners within our services

  • Presents Switchboard methodology to partners and facilitates workshops

  • Develops educational materials and exercises

  • Proactively engages with and learns from service-design techniques and practices

  • Writes documentation

What we’re looking for in an engagement consultant:

  • Experience working in community management, community organizing, online community organizing, either in or outside of higher education

  • Familiarity with the higher education and/or independent schools market. Fluency in the vernacular of career services, alumni affairs, student services, advancement, and marketing.

  • Demonstrated customer service and interpersonal skills

  • Enthusiasm for the promise of education, service-design, humane technology, and our model of student- and alumni-first service

  • Comfort with data and analytics

  • Passion for public speaking and presentations

  • Self-motivated and driven to research, experiment, and propose new ideas

Other helpful experience :

(We don’t expect anyone to have all of these)

  • Experience helping an educational institution or member organization implement an engagement strategy to grow participation and reach

  • Experience identifying and pursuing new and creative revenue streams

  • Experience creating or fostering institutional collaborations and partnerships

  • Project or product management

  • Event planning or production

  • Familiarity with social media and newsletters

  • Basic graphic design skills

  • Experience writing impact reports, case studies, white papers

  • Training, facilitation, or classroom experience

  • User testing, interviews, or audience surveys

  • Familiarity with SaaS retention or customer success

Our commitment to diversity

We want our team to reflect the diversity of campuses and member organizations, especially those with experience as a first-generation or low-income student. We strongly encourage POC and LGBTQ candidates to apply. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds.  

How to learn more:

Please email a resume and note of introduction to chelsea@switchboardhq.com. We will be interviewing candidates in August with the goal of having the position filled not later than October 1, 2018.