Wittenberg University Partners with Switchboard

Wittenberg Profile

  • Located in Springfield, OH
  • 1,900 students
  • 29,000 alumni
Sam Speyer.

Sam Speyer.

We're excited to announce that Wittenberg University, with its rich history and tightly knit community, is our newest partner. We're thrilled to be working with them.

Sam Speyer is assistant director of alumni and parent engagement at Wittenberg. We asked him to share why he and his colleagues are excited about working together.

What excites you most about what Switchboard can do for Wittenberg ?

Wittenberg has always had a close-knit community. Switchboard is a great tool for us to connect alumni back with the university wherever they may be located. This will allow us to keep alumni engaged with the university through the mentorships of students, by providing internship opportunities, and by sharing career advice. We are excited to see all the potential connections that can be made through Switchboard with alumni and current students alike.

Out of all your other options, why did you choose to partner with Switchboard?

The easy-to-use platform that Switchboard provides. With a platform that immediately feels familiar, Switchboard allows someone to be a click away from posting a job opportunity or asking a question of the Wittenberg community.

What problems does Switchboard help you solve that you couldn’t solve before?

We see Switchboard as a great platform for alumni to give back their time and talent to the university. It provides the opportunity to students to network and find mentorship, and it will help keep our alumni engaged with Wittenberg.


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