Introducing Switchboard to Incoming Students

Kieran here. Reed’s convocation ceremony was today, marking the transition to the second, parentless half of Orientation Week for incoming freshmen. Switchboard women-at-arms Kaori ‘15 and Aria ‘13 and I tabled in the Quad and introduced the class of 2017 to Reed Switchboard. (We also spoke with several enthusiastic parents. Pictured above is one mother who registered to post an offer to host Reedies in her home right then and there.)

Our hook? “Would you like a kiss from Reed Switchboard?” We handed out Hershey’s Kisses, and Kaori wore CoverGirl “Passion Red” lipstick and offered real kisses to freshmen. I even saw the student body president walking around with a red lip imprint on his cheek.

This was, of course, Mara’s idea. Unfortunately, and much to her disappointment, I failed to capture any of the kisses in the act or afterward in my photos. A journalist Reed alumnus I know always told me, “Always get the name of the dog.” In photography, I guess, the rule is, “Always get the kiss.”