New and Improved User Directory

We all want more data—and to be able to make better use of it. The Switchboard dev team has been hard at work developing a new feature to help our partner schools do just that.

Our very own Tim Cooper tours Switchboard's new user directory in this video:

Save filters as segments and share them with your team.

Save filters as segments and share them with your team.

The new user directory makes it easy to filter through thousands of users based on their location, class year, activity, and more. Want to export a list of young alumni who are living in Portland? Switchboard can do that. Want a list of alumni from the '90s who have been active in the past month? Switchboard can do that, too. Want a list of students who have been helped by alumni? You got it.

Now it's even easier to analyze your Switchboard metrics and share them with your colleagues.

Better yet, you can take those lists and save them as segments to keep tabs on them and use them in other parts of Switchboard. Soon, it will be possible to view your community-wide activity dashboard through the lens of each saved segment. It will be even easier to keep track of user activity within your community.

We're excited to see how our partner schools use this feature in the coming months and look forward to sharing those projects soon.


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