Multiplying Engagement with the Switchboard iOS App

Switchboard iOS app

The Switchboard iOS app is now available for download on the App Store!

Our app provides users with a much smoother mobile Switchboard experience and will help our customers better engage their communities every day.

Users that have been beta testing the app for the past couple months have increased the amount of time they spend on Switchboard dramatically. Many of these folks have been using Switchboard for years—logging on not infrequently, but not incessantly either.

In two months, these users have used the Switchboard app 2 to 14 times more than they used Switchboard in their browser in two years. That's doubling to quattuordecupling engagement! Which, yes, is the word for multiplying something by 14. That's a lot!

Our customer schools use Switchboard to build meaningful, long-term relationships with their young alumni, and Switchboard does a darn good job.  21% of Millennials, however, are not just mobile-first, but mobile-exclusive. If mobile users are only using Switchboard half as long as their non-mobile peers, then our customer schools aren't engaging them as effectively as they could be.

A full 25% of Switchboard sessions are mobile, and three quarters of those visitors are using an Apple device. But, until now, Switchboard didn't offer these users the best mobile experience.

We're excited to see how the iOS app will help our customers grow their Switchboards and engage their students and alumni even more than before.

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