A Switchboard for Denison

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Denison University to launch a Switchboard for the Denison community.

Denison, a highly selective liberal arts college in Granville, Ohio, is home to 2,200 students. Richard Berman, Denison’s Director of Career Exploration and Development, says that the school’s culture is what sets it apart.

“Denison is a non-judgmental community where ‘nice matters.’ It's difficult to traverse campus and meet someone that doesn't smile, greet you authentically, and look for the best in you… because that's where they also find the best in themselves.”

That ethos has produced thousands of brilliant Denison alumni, like Senator Richard Lugar, actress Jennifer Garner, and former Disney Chair and CEO Michael Eisner. It also makes Switchboard a perfect fit for the Denison community.

Alumni reunions bring the Denison family together.  Courtesy  Denison University .

Alumni reunions bring the Denison family together. Courtesy Denison University.

The quality and variety of asks and offers on Denison's Switchboard are incredible. In a short three weeks, Denisonians have connected about everything from fashion to entrepreneurship to medicine. Thanks to Denison's strong network, members of the Denison community can turn to Switchboard and know that they have an extended family all over the world waiting to help.

Denison's students, alumni, trustees, faculty, and staff have all embraced Switchboard, Richard says, because it helps them do what they've been doing for almost two centuries.

"We help one another. We offer our shoulders to stand on. We reach hands forward and we lift others, and ourselves, up. There is no doubt Switchboard is helping our community make the human and humane connections so reflective of the Denison ethos and spirit."

The Denison Switchboard already boasts hundreds of users and several success stories. We are honored to serve the Denison community, and we're excited to see its Switchboard grow.