Switchboard is about

Surprising Acts of Generosity 

Switchboard gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students and alumni in your community.

Switchboard Roles 

Engaged alumni are in the perfect position to fill at least one of these essential roles.






The Cheerleader 

Encouraging askers and thanking offerers

The Connector

Mentioning people and making connections

The Conversationalist

Asking Questions and offering advice

"What Can I Contribute?" 

Everyone has something to contribute - big or small

Here are some examples of offers that aren't dependent on having a career or home to share

How You Can Help

Your Community Needs your Surprising Acts of Generosity


1. Introduce yourself with an offer about:                        

  • Your current job
  • Where you live
  • 1-2 favorite past jobs
  • Other degrees or programs you've attended
  • What gets your going? (passions, hobbies, etc)
  • 5 interesting Bearcats you know! 

2. Try out different roles:

  • Conversation Comments - share your input and help a post based on topic or location
  • Connector Comments - mention someone who can help or comment and forward the post
  • Cheerleading Comment - share encouragement or give a warm thanks to an awesome offerer

Thank You! 

Your help Makes a world of difference